Corporate social responsibility

What’s this? “The voluntary integration of the social and environmental concerns of companies in their commercial operations and in relations with the interested parties”.

CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility, goes beyond compliance with legal requirements and identifies practices and behaviors that a company adopts voluntarily, to obtain benefits and advantages for itself and for the context in which it operates.

The Firm pays particular attention to relations with its stakeholders: collaborators, customers, partners, suppliers, communities and local institutions, with concrete actions, able to reconcile economic objectives with the social and environmental objectives of the reference territory. , with a view to future sustainability.

Reconciliation of work life

The society changing and the recent years achievements contrast with the division of work and family care. In particular, this situation is strongly unbalanced to the detriment of the female component, becoming a source of inequality.

The responsibility for the custody of children, the elderly and people with special needs, in fact, is a brake on the active participation of women in the field of work.

Hence the need and our commitment to the implementation of “reconciliation measures”, that is to say, of facilitations and actions, capable of safeguarding the possibility of reconciling family life with working life and consequently leading to an improvement in the quality of life. and therefore of income in work.