Competence in Negotiation

The Crema Fiorio Firm provides assistance to companies that require contractual consultancy, from the negotiation phase of the agreements until the drafting of the contracts, identifying each time the most appropriate civil law institutions, in order to pursue the best clients satisfaction.

The Firm offers consultancy in national and international contract, also in language, thanks also to the collaboration with primary international law firms. Clients can rely on the firm even when a dispute arises in the interpretation and execution of the contracts, whether it is rooted in the ordinary judicial authority or in arbitration.

The Firm has gained specific skills in drafting, consulting and negotiating distribution contracts, agency, franchising, supply and business procurement.

The professionals of the Firm assist entrepreneurs in negotiation and stipulation of guarantee contracts such as sureties, autonomous guarantee contracts, pledges and mortgages.

The Firm deals with the preparation and negotiation of works or services contracts and the assisting companies in preparing the necessary documentation to participate in tenders for national and international public tenders.

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