The Crema Fiorio Law Firm

The Crema Fiorio Law Firm was established in 2007 with the aim of supporting companies with their business transactions both in Italy and abroad. To this day, the Crema Fiorio Firm has maintained its international vocation through its partnerships and collaboration with leading legal practices and networks in Europe and worldwide, supporting both Italian and International companies with their business activities.

The Crema Fiorio Firm is equipped to respond to the needs of Italian businesses, operating in the internal market, providing assistance in the commercial, corporate and competition realms. The Crema Fiorio associates have acquired specific expertise in solving corporate insolvency and restructuring procedures, supporting companies in compositions and out of court arrangements with creditors, insolvency reorganisation and bankruptcy procedures.

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In the last years, the number of professionals and collaborators has increased, to meet the needs of customers, without renouncing the specificity of the consultancy offered.

The Crema Fiorio Law Firm is also able to assist individuals in matters of succession, marriage/divorce, labour law and in the procedures of crisis by over-indebtedness (L. 3/2012). Services for the companies have instead expanded in the areas of labor law, industrial law and international taxation.

The Crema Fiorio Law Firm also provides assistance to individuals and companies in the real estate area, buying properties in Italy or abroad, including the ones from executive or bankruptcy procedures in Court.
Reliability, integrity and confidentiality have always represented and represent an undoubted requirement in the work and in the formation of the Firm. Trust between professionals and customer is also guaranteed by a human and professional context, based on transparency, competence and diligence.

The work of the Firm is always carried out in the interest of the client, who is also made aware of the problems and judicial risks of the concrete case, making him aware of the effectiveness and the opportunity of the assistance.

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